Our new sponsor and supporter, VICE Golf

TIU Tour Productions and TIU4ALL are proud to announce that Vice Golf has agreed to being our preferred golf ball and allow us to become Vice Brand Ambassadors. We will be offering Vice balls at all events that we sponsor and it will be the official golf ball for our Collegiate Adaptive golf program, including the University of Arizona’s program. While all of us here at TIU having been playing Vice balls for a while now, we felt that having a top quality (Golf Digest Golf List) ball that is also affordable was simply a win/win for all of us. Managing Partner, Jon Moore stated, “Having Vice as a sponsor and being able to be a brand ambassador, is a huge milestone for all TIU companies and divisions. We’re all looking forward to the new opportunities provided by this great alliance.” Our initial promotion will be to distribute the Vice Variety pack to all competitors in the Quest for the Shield event that starts this month. Stay tuned for more announcements and events involving Vice Golf.

About Vice Golf


Vice was founded on the belief that quality golf balls should be available at a more affordable price point.

The golf ball is a consumable item – although durable, sometimes it only lasts a few holes. Nevertheless, high-quality golf balls can cost upwards of $4 apiece. It’s no surprise that many golfers fall back on low-quality golf balls: either cheap ones off the shelf or refurbished ones out of the lake. Even replacing their expensive ball with a cheap one when hitting across a water hazard is something we have seen on the golf course. Your game doesn’t need to be compromised by low-end equipment. To play your best, golfers should always play a high-quality ball that matches their swing—just as professionals do.

Vice Golf makes affordable, top-performing, tour-level golf balls a reality. We started off as a direct to consumer, online-only brand, which was the perfect channel to offer high-performing products at a low price by cutting out the middleman. After years of growth and acceptance in the golfing world, we are now able to produce even better golf balls and accessories at the most competitive prices. We still focus our sales through vicegolf.com, but have also explored retail options in our quest to make golf more affordable and accessible for as many people as possible, both online and offline.

Even after multiple years in the industry, we refuse to spend millions of dollars on PGA Tour sponsorships,- and proudly stand by our results and awards from independent testing facilities and publications like Golf Digest‘s Hot List.

Get the best value for money when ordering at least five dozen per model, equal to the average annual ball consumption for a weekend golfer. Nevertheless, you can also benefit from our step-pricing model that’ll give you the best deals when mixing dozens.

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