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TIU4ALL and UArizona Adaptive Golf announces new community and team members

First Adaptive Golf Program in Collegiate Sports

TIU4ALL and the UArizona Adaptive Golf program are proud to announce that both Kevin Holland and Norma Trujillo have joined our community golf programs with the intent of qualifying for our competitive team in the near future. Both Kevin and Norma personify the goals of TIU4ALL in building the most competitive collegiate and community program in the US today. Here’s a little info on our two newest members:

Norma Trujillo

My name is Norma Trujillo and I am a mother of 3 and an artist. I am also certificated as a lead advocate for the state of Arizona, with a peer visitor certificate.  I am a bilateral above the knee amputee, with a fused neck, an incomplete spinal cord and 3rd degree burns.  After four years, I have come across the sport of golf and have fallen in love with everything golf!

When am not playing, I create some art pieces, hang out with my kids and husband, and I work with local leaders to advocate for disability awareness. Additional interests include: hand cycling, community walking with other amputees and participating in virtual support meetings.

The latest news on Norma is that she had a major interview on ABC that will air on Sunday May 9. Here’s the link:

We can’t begin to tell you how proud TIU4ALL and the UArizona Adaptive Golf team is to have this brave woman in our program….she’s an inspiration, she’s a competitor, and most importantly, she is FEARLESS!!! Norma will develop into a great golfer, sooner than you will believe!!!

Kevin Holland

Born December 24 1982 Born from birth with cerebral palsy Playing in my 4th season on the us amateur tour in 2020 I had 3 tournament wins and won the points race for my flight . Took 3rd in the 2019 usdga international tournament . Also in 2019 the mwaga all disabled open second place in wr4dg . 2019 in the usdga for division three champ . 

Final Results for the Inaugural Conquistador Paragolf Championships

Bill Fryar, the No. 1-ranked seated golfer in the nation, putts the ball on hole No. 16 during Round 2 of the Arizona Adaptive Sports Conquistador Paragolf Championship at Sewailo Golf Club. Fryar had the low score in the G9/G10 category for seated golfers.
Rebecca Sasnett, Arizona Daily Star

The inaugural Conquistador Paragolf Championships is officially in the books! We had a great competition, great golf in arguably rough conditions (great weather but 30-40 mph winds all three days), but most importantly we were all able to get back on the golf course together. It was great to see all of our fellow competitors/friends for the first time in over a year.

From all of us at TIU4ALL, we want to thank each and every one of you who came to Tucson this year. The week was a resounding success and gave us the start for an ongoing annual celebration of adaptive golf. Can’t wait to see you all in Mesa for the USDGA Open next month!!Conq


TIU4All is instituting a program to benefit our adaptive/at risk kids, adaptive veterans, and first responders who are in need of web enabled devices to continue their education as it’s now apparent that “in person” learning is not going to happen in this calendar year in the state of Arizona.  This is a program that is specifically for those who are continuing their education, not a recreational device and we have strict protocols to ensure they are going to those who truly need it.

So what we’re doing is to ask that anyone who has a laptop or mobile tablet device they’re not using or has been relegated to the office closet, to gift it to this cause.  As many of you know, we have the capability in house to make sure your information will remain safe as we will wipe every hard drive, refurbish the unit, and ensure that the device capabilities meet these students requirements.  We will refurb the units at our own cost and will provide each recipient 1 TB of online storage, at no cost, as well.  If you’re not comfortable with backing up your unit, we will be happy to provide a USB thumb drive with your hard drive contents at no charge to you before we wipe it if you will give us a return address for the drive. We will accept Windows, Mac, Fire, Google, Android or iOS devices in this effort.  

If you have old modems or cable routers, they are needed as well.  We stock cables and power adaptors in house as a normal procedure.  

We have received an accommodation from Cox Cable in Southern Arizona to provide internet service to those who can’t afford it.  We are working on a satellite access program for those who are outside of normal cable or fiber networks.

This is about the education of our beneficiaries and the advancement of education and the growth of golf.  Help us make a difference in making the game and the education of those who need life goals, a reality.  We appreciate your gift and commitment and by all means share this with your contacts and on social media.  We need your help and thank you in advance for your support!

All devices should be sent to:

TIU4ALL c/o Teeitup Enterprises LLC

7090 N Oracle Rd #178-181,

Tucson, AZ 85704

(702) 620-4266