Update on Soloriders…

We now have the whole SoloRider lineup on our website for adaptive athletes and golf courses who want to comply with ADA and also increase your cart revenue. SoloRiders have proven that you can decrease your pace of play by as much as 35%. We have consumer financing and commercial lease financing as well as fleet financing for golf facilities.

Solorider Game Changer, Life Changer

Important Note

Starting September 10th we will be offering “gently used” Soloriders for resale to qualified retail customers. All of these units will go through a 58 point Quality check and will include replacement batteries and charging units when needed. These units will be offered with a limited 180 day warranty as well as the ability to purchase an extended 2 and 3 year warranty. For those who wish some customization, on select units we can provide vehicle wraps, custom upholstery and upgraded electronics. Stay tuned to our web store for inventory updates and pricing. These will be available on a “first come, first served” basis. We expect sales on these units to be brisk so check the store often.

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